Will there be a client for linux OS?

Hi @ll!

First thanks for this powerfull and awsome signeage system!

But now my question:

Will there be a working linux client in version 1.8 again?

So, i hope it will… fingercrossed

Best regards,


Hi Stefan,

Our goal is to have a cross platform Windows and Linux player with 1.8, as soon as we will have more details about it we will let the community know.



HI Peter,

thanks for your answer!
Looking forward… :smile:

Do you have already an idea when it will be ready? Soooo excited… :wink:


Hard to estimate it at the moment, some early version (alpha) should be available for testing near the end of the year.

Hi guys, do you have any update on this topic/date? …Thx in advance, Luis.

Any updates regarding new client will be posted on our blog as well as in this topic - Replacement Player for the discontinued Ubuntu Python Client

I’ll close this topic now (it should have been closed 7 months ago :smile: )