Wil the Xibo Android App be added to the Play-Store

Hi there,

Are there any plans to add the Android app to the Google Play Store?
Currently Android TV manufactures do not allow apps from Unknown Sources to be installed on their devices. :frowning:

There are no plans to do that at present.

This is not our experience - do you have known examples we can list out as incompatible?

Philips 40PUK6400.
There is no way to alter the ‘Unknow Sources’ settings

Perhaps this forum topic will be of interest to you: http://www.supportforum.philips.com/en/showthread.php?16633-Possible-to-enable-quot-Installation-from-unknown-sources-quot-in-Philips-55PUS8809-Android

I would say that if you have purchased such an expensive TV it might well be reasonable to add a relatively cheap Android STB to the back of it rather than hacking around in your TV.

Either way we have very good reasons for not adding Xibo for Android to the app store - but sorry if that means you can’t use it.

Had found that yes. And a lot of other links.
And Philips probably did to :slight_smile:

All changes require USB Debugging to be checked.
But Philips has eliminated that from the code.

Oh sorry, I thought there was another method below that… I think that if Philips actively want to prevent you doing it, then probably an additional dongle is your best bet

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I use the Minix X7 mini now.


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