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Xibo for Windows v3 R308

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NB Upgraded from 1.8 to current version 3.3.2.
We have a layout that is created by, say, User1. Users 1,2 and 3 have Media in the layout. However they are unable to edit / delete each other’s media(widgets?) due to the error “You do not have edit permissions for this widget”.
The permissions are set correctly in the folders which the media is saved (Edit + Delete = Everyone)
However it appears the permissions for each widget are blank, allowing only its owner to delete/edit it.

I’ve had a look at old articles but they seems to reference CMS 2.x or earlier.

Any ideas?

The latest version is actually 3.3.5 (Xibo CMS 3.3.5 Released). That being said, by default all media goes into a users home directory, not where the layout may exist.

I would look into where the media resides and the sharing permissions set on that location, and compare that to folder that contains the layout.

Additionally, you can check Sharing permissions on each individual item in a layout by right-clicking on it in the timeline and selecting ‘Edit Sharing’:

Thanks for the reply. The layouts are in the Root folder, which I can’t access Share permissions of by right clicking as I would in the sub folders.

So in the ‘Root’ folder, all users in the CMS have ‘View’ and Creator/Owner rights. Users will only be able to Edit/Delete if:
A) They own the files themselves
B) Explicit Sharing permissions are given to the layout/files
C) Media and Layout(s) are moved to a folder where Permissions are correctly set for a user/usergroup that they are a part of

In Settings, you can disable a users ability to use the Root folder, which means they would be forced to use a homedir assigned to them, but this only works for sharing between users if they all have the same homedir, or are educated to move all of their layouts/media to a ‘shared’ folder, where user/group permissions are assigned appropriately.

This is a huge shift in how content sharing worked in CMSv2, where all media/layouts would inherit the group permissions of the owners automatically. IMHO, neither are perfect solutions.

Thanks again. I’ve given full Explicit Sharing permissions (for the one layout) to Everyone, but the permissions don’t trickle down onto the widgets in that layout.

Since these are the old layouts brought in from the old system, do we have to redo the layout from scratch?

Currently the layouts are all in root, but users have moved their Media to their corresponding folder. Worth adding that I have given Everyone full permissions on all the folders for now.

You would need to do some testing to know for sure if permissions behave differently on legacy vs new layouts. I believe that unlike other objects for which Sharing can be applied outside of the Layout Designer, inherited Region and Widget permissions will not be listed unless explcitly set. Instead, inherited folder permissions are checked only when a user with the correct permissions attempts to open and modify the objects.

I’d recommend moving the Layouts out of the root folder and into the corresponding Media folder or subfolder where Everyone rights is set on the parent directory.

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