Widget DEvloprment - file upload

I need to upload a file when i add my widget to the timeline.
I know both PDF and Image widget accomplish this, i can however not seem to find the code that does this
they add it to the library, and then point to it, but i can’t seem to find an example of code that calls on the Upload media function.

im running a docker installation and devloping for Xibo 2.3.6

any help is appreciated thank you

I’ve been trying to get the API’s to work, i followed the guide at

1.8 API Introduction

however i get a 401 error when i try to obtain the access token.

the client Id and Secret should be correct, i saw in another post that the Copy to clip board doesnt work, and it was resolved by PM. however i’ve made two other applications with in my xibo cms, and tried both to mark and copy and use the clip board and i get the same key.

Perhaps its because i am running the CMS ona local host?

fixed it apparently copying the client id left me with and extra new line that messed it up

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