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I have a golfing week schedule to display in the club house, for some reason for the current day it selects an event from 2 days later as well as the actual current event, below is an example

here is the ical feed that i am connecting to ( google calendar ) showing the events correctly

here is the layout view that we get

what we see here is that the all day event - Club Single Stable fore Yellow/Red tees that is scheduled for the 4th of November shows up on the current day 2 Nov.

This behavior will continue tomorrow with the Event scheduled for the 5th appearing on the 3rd. a little further down the schedule you will see the behavior repeats its self on the 9th of November with an event that is actually scheduled for the 11th - all help appreciated


Hi, as a Cloud customer please do open a ticket with our support desk so that we can take a closer look for you.

Thank you

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