Why xibo1.8 and above version windows player sticks with IE11?


Hi Everyone,
Generally some web pages are not rendering properly with Windows Player IE11 and it comes up with white screen. It would have been really helpful if Xibo 1.8 and above have option to change the browser to Chrome or Firefox as alternatives for rendering properly?


Thank you for your feedback, there is currently a new Player in development that will no longer use IE 11 for web content. Once there is more information about this, we will update our blog with further information.

Many Thanks.


Thank you! I believe with the existing version of Windows Player we can’t change to Microsoft Edge as well right?


You are correct the browser that is used cannot be changed, IE11 is set within the Player itself.

Many Thanks.


Is there any update on the development of the new Player ?
We use xibo player to put changes on our screens, but the xibo player can’t load this page due to the use of IE 11…
Now we have to work with screenshots in xibo we replace every hour…


The new Player is currently still in development, any new announcements will be posted on the Xibo Blog.

Many Thanks.


Seems the new windows player 1.8.12 also not supporting browsers other than IE11? :frowning: Lot of new issues are keep coming with IE11 which I think is outdated browser. As recent issue, twitch streaming is not working with IE11 which eventually effecting the Xibo displays.


You are correct that 1.8.12 has the same browser as 1.8.11. The new player that will use an alternative browser is still in development, once there is news we will post it on the Xibo Blog.

Many Thanks.