White square on xibo player

Hello, Thank you for your help as this is blocking me.

My version CMS is 3.0.3 and my player 1.8R6.

My problem is that I want to display a schedule, on the preview we see the schedule once on the xibo-player I have a white square. To make a test I launched a browser on the NUC and the schedule is displayed but not on xibo.

How to fix this problem please?
Thank you very much

Your CMS version is much newer than the player you are using. You should use the latest player, please note that Linux player is not completely supported on CMS 3.x versions.


Thank you for your feedback. I have checked and my xibo player under linux is up to date. I find it strange to display a URL (iframe) that appears as a white square.

No other solution?

Thanks a lot


I made an upgrade of my xibo player, so now I’m in 1.8R7 beta. I finally have an error message (see screen): This call is not available inside the sandbox.

I wrote the error on google and I found a post on Help: GDBus.Error This call is not available inside the sandbox - snapcraft - snapcraft.io but the solution I did not understand.

If someone has another solution thank you very much.


I wanted to know if it was possible that the xibo player has a browser directly embedded? Because I did a test with the default browser and no white square appears.

Can you tell me if I can configure another browser for the xibo player?

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