White Screen showing on HTML page


I’m trying to show a simple website but for some reason its only displaying a white screen. If I schedule a PDF it works fine so its just the webpage that’s not working.

If I start a browser then it works in Chrome but doesn’t in the default web browser. I thought disabling the default browser would work but it still just shows a white screen.

I’m on v2-01

Please check that you have the webpage set to “Open Natively”, and that you’ve put a full URL in to the widget, including the https:// or http:// at the beginning.

I’ve checked and both are set and correct. It shows fine on a windows client just not the android device.

It may be then that the webpage you’re trying to show is responsive to the type of device accessing it and showing something different for a mobile device (which is what Android is normally detected as).

Alternatively, it may be using something that is Internet Explorer specific which causes the Android WebView not to be able to render that page.


I swapped the player for a windows device, I think the MBOX android player was so old it was playing in the default browser which the site didn’t support. Weirdly it wouldn’t let me change the player even when I installed different ones on the device and disabled the android browser.