White screen on player after saving new order in my timeline


I use CMS 1.7.8 and MK809IV players with android 5.1.1. With some players, when I save new order in my timeline, I get a white screen on my player, while the “status”, “licence” and “logged in” are ok for the display.
I need to reboot my player to see the videos and the new timeline. In the logs of my display, it is exactly the same as for the other displays.
What is the problem?

NB: the debugging mode on the CMS is on but it’s not easy to understand the report.

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Can you confirm what version of the XIbo Player you are using? If you are not using Player version 1.7 R64 with your CMS, I would recommend upgrading your Player to that version. You can download the APK from the below link:


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No, my xibo licence in this player is 1.8, code 102. And my CMS version is 1.7.8. I have many players with licence 1.8, code 102 and only a few have this problem: in my layout, I have 2 regions, one at the bottom (1280x104) for a ticker and the 2nd region (1280x616) which contains videos + tickers. When I update my timeline in this region (1280x616), this region seems to freeze on the player: I only see the white background. In the CMS, the status, licence ans “logged in” are ok for this player. I need to relaunch XIBO on the player to see my new videos in this region. I’ve activated the debug mode but I didn’t see any specific bug…

Is it a problem with the cache in my player? Something else?

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Thank you for the further information. I have been looking into the MK809IV device you are using and I cannot find a manufacturers website or definitive specs for it. Can you confirm if all of your Displays are using the same model and all are running on the same version of Android? The hardware spec I did find suggested that there may be Firmware versions available that would allow you to upgrade the device beyond 5.1 but I could not confirm the source of the Firmware so you will need to look into this further. If you can find the option to update the device I would recommend doing so.

Can you send me the following in a private message:

  • The Logs you have recorded whilst this behaviour occurs.
  • A screenshot of the status screen from that Display. You can access the status screen by clicking on the screen while the Xibo Player is running and choosing Status from the action bar at the top of the screen.
  • The email address for your Xibo for Android License Pool so I can investigate further.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

I send you a private message.
Did you see it?