White Screen Embedded Youtube Video


Good evening
We have a problem with playing embedded videos.
For about 1 year we use Xibo (version 1.8.12) on 2 Android Boxes that play a series of videos from youtube on 2 Samsung smart TVs through an Embedded Layout created with this guide Autoplay Embedded Youtube Videos

A few days ago they are no longer executed and have a white screen. We have already tried to:

  • Restore the factory data of the Android box
  • Install the new version of the Xibo For Android client
  • change youtube videos
  • recreate the embedded layout

Other layouts of various kinds work regularly.
You can help us?

Thank you


This issue was resolved on the Xibo Help Desk. On this occasion the issue was related to the firewall. If any other users should find themselves in a similar situation I would recommend checking that your firewall allows traffic on the appropriate ports and does not block the IP address you are trying to communicate with.

Many Thanks.