Which user right is necessary to request a screenshot?

CMS Version

2.3.8 Docker in Ubuntu on Azure

Player Type

x86 IPCs

Player Version

windows 2 R200-200 - windows 2 R256.7-256


Which user rights under “site security” I have to enable to give this user access to request a screenshot?

At the moment this user has following rights:
Report / Statistics - set direct for this user and
Displays / Display Groups / Home / Layout / Library / Playlist / Preview / Regions / Schedule / Schedule Now / Status Dashboard / Users - set for an assigned user group

Hi Patrick_Puddu,

I have tested this with a user that only had access to the Displays Page, and permissions to View and Edit the display, and the user was able to request a screenshot.

You can change the permissions on a Display from the Displays page by clicking on the Row Menu for the Display, and then clicking on Permissions.

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This User has View rights on the display page. I don’t want that this user is able to edit the displays. It just should be possible to request a screenshot from the drop-down menu and to look at them under the thumbnail column.

Is this possible?

And at best for all displays he has view rights for.

I’m afraid it is not possible to request a screenshot without Edit permissions. If you would like it to be possible, you can submit a feature request here: https://community.xibo.org.uk/c/features/8

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