Which player does Xibo prefer?

I mostly use the Windows Signage Player for Xibo but you guys always talk about the Linux player. I finally got my office so far that I can install ubuntu. But now I discover that you don’t offer a ubuntu player for 1.7.x.
Now my question is which player do you guys prefer? I really want to put regions in front of each other which isn’t able in the windows player.

Is it a good choice to connect the 1.6 client to the 1.7.x CMS?

There are two currently supported Players:

Xibo for Android

We don’t currently have a Linux player as the technology it’s built on wasn’t being actively developed and we couldn’t take on supporting that ourselves, despite a couple of very costly attempts.

The 1.6 Player isn’t compatible with a 1.7 CMS so it can’t be connected.

Xibo for Android does support overlapping regions (with a couple of caveats) but is a commercial product. Which you use is completely up to you.