Which browser xibo for linux use?

Which browser xibo for linux use?
Which browser can I use to perform layout tests?

Thank you for your message. The Xibo for Linux uses the Chromium browser, this would be the one to use if you would like to test content for your Player.

Many Thanks.

The Chromium browser for xibo seems to be much more limited the Chromium browser I installed on my computer.

I used https://html5test.com/ to check available resources. I tested the page on xibo and it gave 333 points and the Chromium browser on my computer gave 530 points

What version of chromium browser does xibo use?

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Same topic here. I have a web page to embed, that uses features that are flawlessly displayed on my firefox browser, but not in the (linux) xibo-player.
Rather than downgrading the web page Iā€™d rather make Xibo use a browser engine, that does the job.
@DanBW So my question is: is there a way to make use of another browser?

I have been discussing this with the development team and I can confirm that it is not currently possible to change the browser used with the Xibo for Linux player, which is indeed Chromium. My apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

Many Thanks.

Which Version from Chromium is in use?

This is an update to this post regarding the browser used with the Xibo for Linux Player. Unfortunately the browser used has been incorrectly confirmed as Chromium. After further discussions with the development team, I can confirm that the browser used is in fact webkitgtk.

My apologies for any confusion or inconvenience caused, I hope this helps to clarify for all Users.

Many Thanks.

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