Which Android player could run Xibo in 4k / UHD

Dear all,

the recommended Android Player DSCS9 is not capable to run the Xibo App in 4k / UHD, only video could be displayed in that resolutions:

I need to buy new player and would not like to switch to Windows devices. Is there any android based player which could run the Xibo App in 4k or UHD resolution?


We currently do not have any recommended hardware for 4K Android Players. I Would recommend searching the forums as you may find that there are other users who have experimented with 4K Android players.

If you purchase an Android Player that is 4K capable, we would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide on the performance.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Many Thanks.

DSCS9 = no 4k
MINIX X68-i = no 4k
Sony Bravia FW-55XE9001 = no 4k
Shuttle NS02 = no 4k

Are you sure the Xibo App is 4k compatible? I found this:

The platform now allows apps to request that the display resolution be upgraded to 4K rendering on compatible hardware. To query the current physical resolution, use the new Display.Mode APIs. If the UI is drawn at a lower logical resolution and is upscaled to a larger physical resolution, be aware that the physical resolution the getPhysicalWidth() method returns may differ from the logical resolution reported by getSize().
You can request the system to change the physical resolution in your app as it runs, by setting the preferredDisplayModeId property of your app’s window. This feature is useful if you want to switch to 4K display resolution. While in 4K display mode, the UI continues to be rendered at the original resolution (such as 1080p) and is upscaled to 4K, but SurfaceView objects may show content at the native resolution.

I’ve tried some supposedly 4K Android Players but it seems that they are natively 1080 and the upscale at the output as therefore, XIBO will interpret it as 1080 and will only show 1/4 of the image…
I bought a 4K nVidia SHILED but it looks that it’s a Android Tv and i didn’t manage to get wibo running so far. I might give it a try one of these days.

What was the problem the the Shield? My Sony TV’s use also Android TV and I was able to install and run Xibo (FHD)

I have ordered a shield and will run a test. Next week I can tell if it could run xibo and if it is in 4k.

The Shield failed the test. Xibo App runs still in 1920x1080. Thats wired, because Shield schould be able to run Apps in 4k. I start to belive that that app is the problem, not the hardware…

DSCS9 = no 4k
MINIX X68-i = no 4k
Sony Bravia FW-55XE9001 = no 4k
Shuttle NS02 = no 4k
Nvidia Shield = no 4k

Xibo runs at the full resolution the device offers.

It doesn’t have any limit built in to it to prevent it from running at 4K, it’s just that Android devices don’t seem to offer that yet.

The link you posted about running video content at 4K is what most video Player apps are doing, but Xibo combines video and other elements on the same screen so it’s not possible to use those modes.

Next week I will get a ProDVX ABPC-543, the manufacturer confirmed that the Player could run Apps in 4k, but thats someting that was promised before :slight_smile:

ProDVX ABPC-543 failed the test :frowning:

DSCS9 = no 4k
MINIX X68-i = no 4k
Sony Bravia FW-55XE9001 = no 4k
Sony Bravia FW-49BZ35F = no 4k
Sony Bravia FW-55BZ35F = no 4k
Shuttle NS02 = no 4k
Nvidia Shield = no 4k
ProDVX ABPC-543 = no 4k

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Did you upgrade the firmware of ABPC-543?

no, I do not found any upgrade. Android says: “Your system is up to date”
Android 5.1.1
Android security patch level 2016-03-01
Kernel: 3.10.0

That is too old.
Please keep reminding me, i will check it for you and test the new firmware and will let you know how it goes with 4K

where can I get a new firmware? I need to return the device this week, woud be nice to run the test now.

You could ask from the manufacturer which is from Holland.

Can anyone recommend another small device eg windows to run xibo on a 4k?

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You have added your reply to the end of a discussion in the Android Section about recommended devices for Windows. I would instead recommend posting your question in the Hardware Section of the Forum for answers from the Community:


Many Thanks.

Thanks!, the reason is that this is the latest thread on the topic of xibo + 4k + android and I am shocked to see that so far there is no recommendation for an Android device that can run xibo in 4k. 4k is not new and from the replies, Xibo officials have not tested Xibo with an Android device combination we can use. So as a interim solution to this, maybe there is another device eg running Windows to have a small player on the 4k TV display. Readers of this thread want a solution, ideally Android + Xibo but for many reading maybe they have to change device OS given there looks like nothing for Android. So I’m hoping someone might reply…“Yeah it sucks but try this Windows device until 4k support on the Android devices materialises!..” I’m off to the hardware section…

Hello Alpha_School,

Android and 4k has frustrated me a lot and I have now my first Windows based Xibo player runing on a CSL Computer Ultra HD v2 Mini-PC-Stick. Also the Intel Compute Stick with M3 CPU schould work, but I prefered the CLS because of the integrated LAN interface. I have now ordered my second CLS Stick and will try to run it with ubuntu. There are a lot of other compute sticks, but most of them run Windows 10 Home, and that is not allowed to run in commercial use.