When and how is the hardware Key generated

Hi There,

I recently replaced the hardware for a display with a 4k player
To keep the settings / Licenses and display name the same I Entered the Hardway Key in the new player by hand into the player App.

But Now I try to re-provision the old device. Create a new Display with it.
No matter what I do it keeps getting the previous Hardware Key.
I uninstalled the app, Reinstalled it. I deleted the data storage of the Player App.
Without success.

Any suggestions?

The hardware key is based upon hardware identifiers in the Android device where we are able to get those.

So it’s normal that the same device should generate the same hardware ID.

If you’ve now used that ID on a different device, you’ll need to manually change the hardware ID in the Player settings to make it unique. Once you change it, that will be saved and will persist until you uninstall the app.


Thanks, In that case I guess I better reset the new one as well to generate it’s own key.

Kind regards