What's the difference between a Display Slot and a Player Licence?

Please note: This information is applicable to existing customers only who have not migrated to a Plan

Cloud CMS hosting (Display Slots) and Xibo Player Licensing (Player Licences) are separate services.

Xibo provides a professionally managed Cloud hosting service which is charged per Display Slot, per year and allows you to connect at least 1 Player device, Windows, Linux, Android, webOS and Tizen (licensed separately).

1 Display Slot will give you 2GB of bandwidth per month and 500MB of server storage. Within a single CMS instance all the bandwidth and storage is pooled, so you can use it as you want between your displays. You can add more storage to a CMS instance by purchasing additional Display Slots at anytime to increase the bandwidth/storage to suit your needs.

In addition, if you choose to connect one of our commercial Player devices, Android, webOS or Tizen, (and White Label derivatives) you will require a Xibo Player Licence for each Player device you intend to deploy: Player Licensing

I would like a Cloud hosted CMS and have 5 screens to show my content on.
3 of my screens have an Android device attached and 2 are Windows.

I would need (as a minimum dependant on my storage and bandwidth requirements):

  • 5 x Display Slots for Xibo in the Cloud hosting service

  • 3 x Xibo for Android licences (perpetual or subscription)

  • I do not need Player licences for the 2 screens powered by Windows as they are released under the Open Source AGPLv3 Licence.