What mini pc are you all using?

What mini Windows pc are you all using for viewers, i would like to use one equal to the dimensions of a RPi?

you cannot simply compare a mini windows pc with raspberry/android player.

We have used Intel NUC with i5 and i7 processors. On the i3 the 1080P mp4 media and html5 streaming is a lot for windows processors and they keep going to 100%. The best investment will be a DSCS9X or the new DSCS95. Everytime when the software fails (most likely windows updates), we replace the remaining intel nucs for DSCS9X

thx, will take a look OS is not so important, formfactor is, as little as possible

Most of our systems with xibo are running on the UP board from AAEON.
The UP board is a x86 based system with 4GB RAM and up to 64GB eMMC Flash.
Windows 10 IoT with UWF and teamviever are installed and it runs fine.

We’ve used just about every offering from iBase and Seneca. Models with AMD graphics we use eyefinity and Intel graphics uwe use collage mode both for creating one large desktop across multiple monitors. A lot of our customers wanted 5 year advanced replacement warranties. On any single display setups, the android box performs just as well, and we’ll just solve the extended 5 year warranty but buying 5 of them, and it’s still half the price.