What is the difference between administrator and super admin?


Hi guys,
i need to know the difference between the system administrator and super admin.
I have checked but ADMINISTRATOR and SUPER ADMIN seems to be pretty much equal :frowning:

Why is that the Super Admin rights cannot be narrowed?
There is only “VIEW” option on page security, nothing happens when it is checked and nothing happens when it is not checked.

Can you please light me up?



I have included a link below to our User Type Documentation that explains all 3 User Types:


As you will see in the Documentation, Super Admin accounts have access and Permission to all elements of your CMS, which is why changing the View options under Page security will not affect the Super Admin.

The Page Security settings are reserved for the other User Group types, so that access to the CMS options can be limited for other Users.

I hope this answers your questions, if not then please let me know.

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan!
thanks for the response!
I have already figured what is explained in the manual which however is not going to serve well IMO.

Administrator (System Administrator): This should be created during the installation and will be the one who creates all the other users and admins for the system. This is the top user for the system.

Super admin: This is the user who can control certain groups and users that are assigned to him/her. The page security for this user is fully adjustable and all is done by system administrator.

Group admin: This is the user assigned to control a user group, all the settings of this user can be adjusted by the “Super admin” and system administrator.

Users: The users that are normally added to the system by system administrator, super admin or group admin.

my point is,
There always need to be a system administrator who can control everything and under that there are 3 levels available,

  • Super admins
  • Group admins
  • Users
    This structure would help to handle the system much better.
    Please let me know if we currently are able to achieve this and if yes, how?


There are 3 User Types available: Super Admin, Group Admin and User. When you first create a CMS, a Super Admin account is created, which has full access and control of all elements of the CMS, including the creation of other Users.

There is not a System Administrator User Type but the Super Admin has the functionality you are looking for. My apologies of this does not allow you the hierarchy you are looking for.

Many Thanks.



Any chance to have this in future?
I have been doing this for very long and i can tell for the fact that it is necessary to have 3 user levels under the system administrator (4 user types in total).

System administrator account should never be assigned to a user who is not responsible of maintaining the system, it should be used only for maintaining the system where the user have access to everything available in the system.

Super admin should receive access from the system administrator and system administrator could give all the necessary rights for using the system, handling the users and user groups.

At the end, system administrator is the boss for everything :slight_smile:


Currently there are no plans to add another User Type, however you are welcome to make a suggestion in our Features section on the Community Forum. I cannot guarantee that it will be added but all suggestions are considered.

Many Thanks.