What is the best way to switch between playlist based on a dynamic schedule


I am working on a project which comes with a dynamic schedule from excel sheet. this excel sheet changed annually and contains 5 action times per day (which is different for each day of year).
we need to display as below:

playlist A: Starts 1 minute before action time, Duration 15 minutes
Campaign B : when the action time passed

Thank you for your help

There’s nothing in Xibo that is able to read an Excel sheet and create schedules from it, so you would need to either manually enter those schedules to the system or you would need to create an application that uses the API to enter the schedules in the system for you.

Dear Alex,

Thank you for reply, may I have the latest api link? The one in documents is blank


Thank you

You have the right link. Use the left hand menu to select the appropriate part of the API

eg Schedule is here:

However it looks as though perhaps Schedule isn’t implemented in the 1.7 API.

You may do better working against 1.8 alpha 2 - although note that it’s a development preview at this stage so isn’t designed to be production ready.

The docs for the 1.8 API are found here: