WebView Android Remote Debugging

Hello guys,

First of all, I use xibo for andorid.

I’d like to be able to debug a javascript embedded in xibo. Before I could do it with Google Chrome Inspector, but now I can’t.

However, if I open an andorid browser instance only, it does appear in the inspector, but not the xibo one.

Reading Google doc, I read that the static method setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled needs to be called, but there my knowledge is already lost.

Can somebody help me?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards.


Hi @ieciemt,

How do you connect adb to the android device? I’ve had similar problems sometimes if I connected via USB but if I connect adb via network IP address I can always debug webviews in chrome:

adb connect x.x.x.x:5555

Not sure if it’s related to your issue but hope this helps.


Sorry for delay.

I’ve tried to do what you told me, but it hasn’t worked, I mean, the same thing happens, I can’t remotely debug. Has anyone else happened to it?


Hello again,

I’d like to clarify what I’ve said. So, I can connect remotely to ADB, via USB or TCPIP. If I open the android browser, debug it without problems, but when I run the xibo instance, it doesn’t appear to be able to debug.

Any idea?

Many thanks.

As with most production APK’s we don’t distribute a debug-able build of it, essentially we have WebView.setWebContentsDebuggingEnabled(false); which is the default.

I appreciate this might be a frustrating experience, but I do not think it makes sense for us to allow it for security reasons.

If you’re able to contact our support desk, and link to this topic, we might be able to help you debug (if we can have the code you’re trying to embed).