Website NOT viewing on windows player

I had scripted and coded a “grid” website with pictures that are being pulled from json. works fine locally viewed on chrome, safari etc. my site is Fetching products from a json file this is what I want to show on the player but I just get the background no website but if you go to the root directory it does pull in the website: that shows up. i have tried all options and I get no results. i think the player is 1.79. can someone assit me and let me know why the “root” site can view but when I use Fetching products from a json file nothing shows up. it does show in the preview but not the player itself

Hi Steve_Gershen.

I’ve been testing your webpage on my Xibo for Windows R305 player and so far it is displaying correctly:


I saw that you mentioned you are using the 1.7.9 version of the player, which is no longer supported. Please can you upgrade your player so we can see if this resolves your issue?

If you are using CMS version 1.7 - 2.3, please use this player

If you are using a version 3 CMS, please use this player. This is the player I used for my test as it is the latest version.

Many Thanks.

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