Website not correctly rendered on xibo-player for linux

Player Version

I’m running xibo-player as a snap on a Ubuntu 20.04.1
snap version: 1.8-R5 2020-04-14


I have a layout, which shows a news web page ( The option for the web page is set to “Open Natively”. The page is not correctly rendered on the player, but it works perfectly in Firefox or Chrome on the same system.

I was also facing some similar issues with internal web pages, which I cannot share here.

Any idea what I could change to fix this web page?

I also tried to enable the audit log, but didn’t see anything interesting…

Screen shots

This screen shot shows how it looks on xibo-player:

Unfortunately I cannot append a screen shot of how it should look, because I’m a new user, but just click on the link above, then you should see it.

Hi and welcome,

Thanks for reporting your issue.

My guess is that old webkit doesn’t like something in the webpage you’re loading. We are stuck with an old version of webkit due to this bug:

We have some work ongoing to try and solve this:

Unfortunately the only way to solve that would be to alter the web page so that it has support for older browsers.

You can see which browser the player is embedding by having the player open natively on

Hi thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately I cannot alter the web page, since it is not under my control.

I can also confirm that the issue still exists on linux snap version 108. I guess the webkit version did not change in the latest version.

So I guess I have to wait until the webkit version gets updated :frowning:


Does this same issue go for my problem ?

I try to embed this page,nl&language=nl_____dutch&skin=skin1_____5%20Dagen&baseurl=/custom/Weather%20DDS/ in the linux player… But i cannot seem to get it centered, when i try the same url in a windows player i can get is centered with a small offset.

Is the layer properties exactly with top: 0 and left 0 (position) ? Also the the width of the layer?

Yes i tried that initially (default settings) but it places the content way to low. Then i tried moving it with the top en left position, i can’t seem to place it correctly though.

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