Webpage with Login

Hey guys,

I’am very new to xibo and just started to create templates. I want to embed a Web Page inside a Region on a Layout. No problem… But is there any possibility to embed a Web Page with a Login? I cant find any option that commit the login information…

I just want to implement a server monitoring in a templeate.
Sorry for my bad english and my question…
I hope someone can help me.

Best regards


As it is, only if your webpage supports basic authentication (ie. user:password in the URL) then yes, it is possible.
example - http://username:password@cm1.co.uk
Otherwise sadly it’s not supported at the time.

Is it still not supported? Is there any alternatives if the above example doesn’t work?

since google =IE url with user and password (example - http://username:password@cm1.co.uk) is no longer supported here is another way to display a web page?