Webpage or embedded html doens't work


Environment: xibo 1.8 rc 2 with docker

In a layout I want to use a webpage (example: https://scout.ai/home), the webpage-module is enabled.
I can’t see a preview ( !There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the client)
Also the display (windows-client 1.8 rc2, Windows 7, IE 11) doesn’t show me this content (only the splashscreen).


Preview works fine.

You’d actually need to click preview though:

If you want to see it in the designer then you’d need to change the Option from Open natively to lets say best fit.
(that goes for all webpages in all Xibo versions.)

As for player, are there any errors on status window?

Perhaps also double check that you have correct browser emulation entries in windows registry - Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player


There are reasons why you might not want to do that - you should check and understand the differences between the options: http://xibo.org.uk/manual-tempel/en/media_module_webpage.html#options

“Open Natively” does not generate a preview in the designer, because it depends on each Player as to exactly how that will be shown.


Sorry to bring up an old topic, but did you ever get this working? I currently can not display any web page or embedded html.
I’m trying to display an embedded Google calendar.
It will display on the preview but not on the players.
It says “?There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the client”

Win10, docker toolbox, xibo 1.8.3
Win10, xibo player 1.8.3

Thank you


Layout status is correct in this case.

Assuming that the webpage you want to show on the players is not preventing embedding I’d expect it to work on the players, you can also double check browser emulation in windows registry, but I believe that should be correct in 1.8.3.

If you add, let’s say https://xibo.org.uk/about as the webpage url and then schedule layout with it to your player, is that displayed correctly?


I tried https://xibo.org.uk/about as the webpage url and it does not display.

I’ve also tried it with an android player and it does not display.


It’s definitely not a general problem with CMS/player version.

You might want to enable auditing on your display, schedule the webpage layout to it, give it few minutes and then check the Log page in CMS for any errors - you can adjust the interval and filter the logs by specific display to make it easier.

I assume player does have internet access and you can access webpages in the android default browser?


Thank you for your help. I uninstalled the player and reinstalled. It is currently working.


I am having the same exact issue you had. I am trying to add a Google calendar and I get the same message “There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the client”. I tried the suggestions that were given to you but it did not correct it. Does it matter if my displays run different versions of Windows? I have three with Windows 8 and 1 with Windows 10.


I have an issue for the webpage as well, getting the same message: “There are items on this Layout that can only be assessed by the client”. I plays out well in preview layout, but it doesn’t load during scheduled play. I’m an amateur in IT, please help.