Webpage not loading on devices, works in preview


We have been using Xibo for 3 years with almost no issues (30+ devices). We have an issue where a new webpage of ours loaded onto webpage widget in CMS would not load on our devices.

The webpage loads in preview, but not on device. This is the link


The HTML is served, however the javascript doesn’t progress and load a couple of kb’s of data from our cloudfront hosted content.

We made use of a similar webpage in the past having no issues, after making use of our newly build page, we get stuck and cannot fetch data

Is it possible to view the console of the xibo android browser so we can see why it is not loading the javascript correctly? Otherwise, can someone assist us with debugging this?


Hi Matthew_Rossouw, welcome to the community!

I added your webpage URL to a test layout (using a webpage widget, set Options to open natively) and it displays without issue at the moment. Here is a screenshot from my player:

I’m using Xibo for Android R311 on my DSCS9X, which is running Android 9 and using Webview version 99.

What version of Android is running on your device? Also what version of webview is it using?

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Hi DanBW
Thanks for the reply, it appears our devices have Webview Version 73
Do you know of anyway to update this?
Google Play store or APKS have not worked

Thanks for your reply. How, or if you can upgrade your Webview version will depend on the device you are using. I would recommend checking with the manufacturer of the device if they can provide instructions. It is also possible they may have a newer firmware you can install that has a newer Webview installed.

Many Thanks.

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