WebPage não funciona para o link: https://bing.com/covid

Hello Dan,

Webpage https://bing.com/covid is not displayed on player version 204.
In the CMS preview it is displayed normally.
Is there any specific configuration for this webpage to work on the player?

If you help, follow my preview link:

CMS Version

Cloud Xibo, Version 2.3.2

Player Type

Player With SO Android 4.2.2.

Player Version

Code Version 204.


The issues were reported at the beginning.

Many of these Covid-19 pages use some fairly advanced web browser capabilities which just won’t be compatible with an android version which is so old.

Unfortunately this isn’t anything to do with Xibo, its the version of Android (and therefore the browser) on the device.

Newer versions of Android will have newer browsers and the results will be much improved I am sure.

If you can find a simpler counter, that might be your best bet - perhaps something from here: https://github.com/pomber/covid19


Hi Dan,

Something wrong then ?!
I have to use a player with the most current android version to run some website´s of the “webpage” widget, however my player must have Android version 6.0 or earlier for the xibo for android application menu to be displayed.

So it gets complicated!

Do you have a forecast for when the menu problem that does not appear in the most current versions of Android will be solved?

Thank you,

There’s no problem with Xibo for Android’s menu. There are devices which incorrectly hide menu buttons in all apps that use the standard Android menu system.

The DSCS9 is Android 6 or 7 and doesn’t have problems with showing menu buttons, nor does the generic Android images provided by Google.

You need to speak to your device manufacturer and ask them to stop hiding menu buttons in their firmware unfortunately.

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