WebPage issue onTizen Client


I have set the following URL (first one is preferred) in Webpage module and scheduled it for Samsung QBR display. But it is not viewing same as on browser of PC / TV.

  1. Arc dashboard
    On display:

  2. Arc
    On display: community. xibo. org .uk /uploads/default/original/2X/f/f25d0aca081febd9f362e9fd7009241354d1549e.jpeg

Is there any way to make it visible same in Xibo player as of actual.

Player version R201
CMS version 2.3.7


  1. Arc
    On display: plaque

Thank you for your message. This issue was responded to on the Xibo helpdesk.
The developers discovered that the above webpages do not allow cross-origin from an iframe. I hope you are able to resolve this issue, if it persists after making the recommended change to those pages, please feel free to respond to the ticket with further details and we can investigate further.

Many Thanks.