Webpage followed by video results in looping video only

Hi all.

So trying to create a simple test layout for now. One flip clock, one rss feed and a bigger area to the left where I would like to display a single web page and various videos (video, page, video, page, video, page… etc). The attached image shows the current setup.

My problem here is that if I add the webpage and the video, then all I get is a looping video.

Also, if I remove the video, I can get to the webpage (must login first though and only then can I see my intended page), but sometimes after a couple of cycles, the page just goes black. This seems to happen when I activate the scaling function to try and get the page contents to fit.
Also, the Reuters RSS feed isn’t returning images and I can only configure the text (size and color) if I chose the Headlines only preset.

Any ideas?

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