Webpage dont display on windows client

Hallo, I am confused with displaying web content. I’ve create layout and add “webpage module” with local web page (accessible from CMS and client)

  • In layout preview web page is displayed correctly
  • Windows client doesn’t show it (only layout’s background).

How to make client to show web page ?

I have docker xibo, player ver. v3-R300.5 on W10.

Hello and welcome to the Community!
Have you followed the guidance on the manual page and tried the Open Natively option? Xibo Documentation | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

Hallo Natasha. I’ve set option “open natively”.
I have partially success - web page with http works. But with https not.

Issue was in certificate. Webserver use https and client PC can’t show content.
After importing CA into client PC the XIBO display webpage correctly.

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