WebOS proxy ports


Hope you are all fine!
We set up our TVs and although most of the functions are working there are a few others that don’t.

Current setup:
TV Model: 43SM5KE-BJ
WebOS version: 4.0
Xibo for Webos: 1.8 R19 / 2 R204

So far I discovered that while the Proxy is enabled the following is not available:

  • Vesion Update: Version Update from CMS is not working
  • Commands: displayoff, reboot not executed
  • Errors message: Failed to download file with error code 22 (in the log)
    Adding the CMS in the exception list inside the TV settings is not helping.
    Proxy is enabled for licensing purpose.

Do you guys know which ports we need to open in order to solve this?

Thank you and stay safe!

Is xmr enabled? Is zeromq module included?
I couldn’t use these features. but it has to be xmr and zeromq to be.
for zeromq test;

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

return true or false.
…It should be zeromq according to php version.

Hi, thanks for the hint. XMR was on and ZeroMq enabled.

The network tech changed the settings to allow traffic without credentials.
So right now:

  • Proxy ON
  • No authentication
  • Exceptions CMS IP

Clients are updating, the error message disappeared and the commands are working as intended.
Still don’t know what exactly he did but it works so I will leave it on the “it magic” :slight_smile:

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