webOS 3.2 : Error download for SI Server Settings

Hello Team,

I followed this process to Install the Xibo for webOS IPK : https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/webos-installation-guide)
I didn’t have any issue on 3 Tv LG32SM5KE, I could set up Xibo and connect TV on my CMS, but for my 4th TV LG32SM5KE, I couldn’t proceed to Remote URL installation. When I confirmed the set up, i have Error downloading, and try again, but no success.
The Tv (like the others) is connecting fine in Wireless, I put the URL fine, but I have still this error message.
Could you help me, please?


So we can better support you could you open a Helpdesk Ticket so that one of our agents can assist you with this.

When creating the ticket, could you please provide the following:

  • The firmware version installed on the SM5KE
  • A screenshot of the settings on the SI Server Settings page when attempting the remote install

Thank you

Thanks I will do it now :slight_smile:

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