Webn Video display?


I don’t understand why the video doest not display.

The configuration is :
A pc under XP with server and client. (V 1.7.1)
The video is a webm video.

I seach all doc on this product in french is better for me.
I want discuss with french user if possible.
Good day.

You’d need to ensure that you’ve got codecs for webm video playback installed in your Windows Media Player.

Once it plays back in Windows Media Player correctly, then it should work inside Xibo.

Thank’s i verify and tell you the configuration.



Good news the codec configuration was not correct. I have installed K lite codec pack standard and wmfdist and now the video work. I think that if i install VLC all is correct but is not true it’s normal without the good codec…
Please i search on the net and never see this solution where i can found a good document explain specification and parameter.
Sorry for my poor english
Good day for you and thank’s a lot.

VLC has it’s own codecs built in. Klite codec pack installs codecs into Windows itself which allows other applications to leverage them - such as Xibo.