Webcam and microphone permissions in web plugin

In my layout I have a web plugin that loads a web application. This web needs webcam and microphone for doing videocalls. The problem is that XIBO player does not ask about Allow or Block permissions like a normal browser. How can I enable permissions to use webcam and microphone in XIBO player?

Thanks in advance.

which player is being used?

Windows uses the edge browser
Android is using an Android web browser (standard)
LG/Samung not sure.

I’m using Windows player.

Have you tried to start a videocall from Microsoft Edge on your windows computer (where you intent to use Xibo)?

If this works, likely 90% will work within Xibo.

Yes, in MS Edge I’ve allowed camera and microphone permissions and the videocall works fine. However, XIBO player does not allow to use this devices.

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