Web page does not display - shows connection refused

Greetings all,

I’ve ran into a web page that will not display when used in the web page widget. It shows a connection refused message. The url / web page in question is here: Florida Traffic Events | View Live Florida Traffic Events | FL511

Has anyone ran into a similar situation?

Hi Chris.norskov,

What player version are you trying to display this webpage on? If you can confirm the platform (Android, Linux, Windows, webOS or Tizen) and the specific revision you have tried this will help to replicate your issue and troubleshoot the cause.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

It is v3 r 305 on Windows. In the CMS it shows the connection refused message. On the player it shows a black screen and onto the next item in the play list. CMS version is 3.3.0 on Ubuntu / Docker.


It is the same issue with this web page as well -

The CMS shows “www.abcactionnews.com refused to connect”

Thank you for your reply. I was able to display both pages on my Windows R307 player.

The reason you are seeing the refused to connect message in your CMS is because the traffic events page is configured to not allow it to be embedded in an iframe. When you view a webpage in the layout designer preview window, it embeds the page, which is why this is not working.
I also suspect that you are trying to do the same in your layout. If you set the options in the webpage widget to Open Natively, this will not embed the page, which for me worked without issue.

A similar issue is true for your ABCnews URL, it also is configured to not allow it to be embedded. There is an option on that page to get an embed script. This worked for me, however I had to add a line to it that set Edge as the browser.

I will send you exported copies of my test layouts in a private message. Please can you try them to see if they work for you too? Please do not make any changes to the layout before testing them so we have a fair test.

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Yes, both layouts worked as expected. The v305 player was the guilty party on the traffic events / connection refused issue. As soon as I bumped up to v307 it started to work.

Many thanks for the help. Much appreciated!

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Hi Dan,

Actually - when I try to change the web page size to 1920x1080 on the FL511 page -

It shows a black screen in the player. The only way to make it show is to display natively… but then if there are more than a few items on the page you wont see them as they will be cut off vertically.

Is there any way around this?

Hi chris.norskov.

The webpage is configured so that it cannot be embedded. When you use any option other than Open Natively the page is being embedded in an iframe. Because the webpage does not allow that you see the black screen.
The only way around this would be to contact the site author or host and ask if they have an embeddable version of the page you can use. You may find an embed link on the site but as far as I could see that doesn’t seem to be available.

Many Thanks.