Web browser instead of XiboClient

Hi all,
I’m using CMS 1.7.8 version. To display the output from Xibo CMS can I possibly use any web browser instead of XiboClient if so what would be the correct URL ? I know this question was asked back in Nov 2015 and the answer was no I’m wondering if things have changed ?

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There is layout preview in the CMS itself, but that’s not ‘real’ layout playback (it it can’t replace player).

You do still need either Windows or Android device and corresponding Xibo player.

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Will this come as a feature in never releases? fingerscrossed


No, nothing has changed regarding that.

There are Windows and android clients which are required to show content from the CMS.

In 1.9 series there will also be a cross-platform (Windows/Linux) player, but there are no plans to use web browser instead of a client.

The web browser client would be a really useful feature

Are there any changes regaring this topic, I want to display the campaigns to our web based teamblog
Any solution to this?

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