Weather widget end of life?

The Xibo weather widget relies on data from Dark Sky. A blog post yesterday announced, “Dark Sky has joined Apple.”

The blog post states, “Our API service for existing customers is not changing today, but we will no longer accept new signups. The API will continue to function through the end of 2021.”

Elsewhere on the Dark Sky web site, this warning appears: “Embeds are no longer available. Maps, Forecast, Sports and existing Embeds will be shutdown on July 1, 2020.”

The weather widget was still working this morning, but Xibo will need to find an alternate data source before Dark Sky by Apple cuts us off.

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Thanks for posting this - its a pain eh! I’ve opened an issue for that earlier today here:

If anyone has any recommendations for a new data source, we’re all ears. We’re looking at these two at the moment:


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Did you check

It a UN organization about the weather and it look like they have json downloading capacity.

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That is an interesting suggestion - thank you.

The challenge with that source is resolving lat/long with CityId :thinking:

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