Weather module not showing correct date

Hi, I’m having issues with the weather module not displaying the correct date.
I can see that during the day when the GMT date matches our timezone the date will be correct but for half of the day, it is incorrect.
I have set all the settings I can see in xibo to the correct timezones, timezone, date and time on the server is correct.
we are using the openweather api
client versions are: windows 3 R301.1-301
server version is: Version 3.0.2
any help would be appreciated.
Kind regards

anyone got any ideas of what’s going on?. I have updated to 3.0.5 still not showing the correct date.

Probably a bug, but is it possible that the datetime on the player itself is incorrect? In other words, when you are experiencing issues for half of the day, exit or minimize the Xibo Client on the Windows device and look at the clock. Is it accurate?

thanks for your reply. as far as I can see the time is correct on the client and server. it even shows up when doing a preview of the module in the layout editor.

I have seen again this issue, but I observed that it only happens in some templates. For example, the template “Landscape Current day detailed, 4 day” works fine, but “Landscape Current day, 4 day forecast” is showing the date with a delay of two days.

Could be a bug?


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