Weather Module Not Loading

I’m trying to add a weather module to my layout but getting the following message:

Unable to reach Forecast API: Client error: GET,-0.104?units=uk2&lang=en&exclude=minutely%2Chourly resulted in a 401 Unauthorized response: {“code”:401,“error”:“permission denied”}

I’ve added the API key but when i tried to “get forecast”, this is what happens

CMS Version

Version 1.8.13

Player Type

Android Player

Hello and welcome to the Community!

DarkSky stopped accepting new API sign ups and existing customers would not be affected until the end of this year.

You can sign up and use our alternative Open Weather Map, full information can be found on our Weather Manual Page

Thank you

that’s the one I have but I’m wondering if the new “Open Weather” API runs on version 1.8.13?

I have just spoken with our support team and unfortunately Open Weather only runs from v2.2 and later, I shall make an amendment to the documentation to make that clearer.

Sorry about that!

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