Weather module doesn't work

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CMS Version

Xibo CMS for Docker 3.1.4

Player Type


Player Version

Xibo for Android v3 R306


Since some days ago, all slides using weather module doesn’t work.
In log we see these two errors:

We have checked the module configuration:

Also we tried to reinstall module with same result. We also replaced the Open Weather Map API key.
Alo we cannot get the weather pronostic in slide module tab.
What can we do?
Thanks in advance.


I am facing the same issue.
Have you solved your problem?

Not yet. I have replaced the weather module with HTML code with a weather applet…

Could you share the applet with me ? I am looking for something to replace too…

Could someone from the dev team look at this?

How do you do that? Please help us

Hi Abel_Antonio_Jimenez, thank you for your post.

I have been testing with the Weather widget and so far have found no issues:

I’d like to troubleshoot if this is an issue with the module, your API key or the player you are using.
Please can you try the following suggestions and confirm in your next message what you found:

  • Make sure your player named DV8553-unknown is licensed. You can check this by viewing the status logs for your player. This guide explains how to access them from your CMS and locally at the device running your player.

  • Open your layout in the layout designer and click on the Weather widget. You can see in my screenshot that on the Forecast tab for the widget you can click Get Forecast. When you click that does it generate a new forecast?

Many Thanks.

I have an update regarding this issue.

I set up a new API key from Open Weather and also found that I was not able to return data. On some calls, including the daily forecast, I was not able to return the data.

Please can all users experiencing this issue confirm if they have subscribed to the One Call API key or the free API key? If you have the free key only, please can you try subscribing to the One Call key and confirm if the issue persists? It would also be helpful to know if the following calls work with your One Call API key (you will need to add your key to the appid= variable at the end of the call.):

Please note that if you make more than 1,000 API calls in a day when using the One Call API key that a charge will be incurred. If you intend to use this API for free you will need to make sure your displays are configured to make a total number of calls each day that is less than that.

I look forward to hearing from @Abel_Antonio_Jimenez @Cedric_REYMOND and @Alejandro_Meza and if the issue is resolved when using a One Call API key from Open weather.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan,
Thank you for the investigation.
I have subscribed to the paid plan, and I still can not see the forecast or showing the weather…
I tried with and with the option paid plan activated in the module…

Try to verify your modules again!

I had issues with weather not showing properly and it was fixed to verify the moduls again.

Sorry, but that did not help…
and the test with my api key with this:
works fine.

To elaborate a little on Dan’s comment - the widget uses the 2.5 version of OpenWeather’s API (which is all that was available when we started). We think that any new keys they give are only working on the 3.0 version of the API (that is our guess at the moment).

We probably have to make a change so that you can pick between 2.5 and 3.0 in the module config :frowning_face:.

We are still looking into it and will come back as soon as we can.

Hi Dan,
not sure if that help but I test my key with this link and it works:

It certainly helps, thank you for testing this.

If that url works, then I’d assume the CMS Widget with Paid Plan disabled should also work - as it will use exactly that url to get the data.

With paid plan enabled we use different query, which seems to be not included in their new One Call 3.0 API and is behind their different plans.

Is there any debug file I can look into?
Can someone drive me and let me know where the logs are?

It looks like the “One Call API 3.0” being pushed by OpenWeather is not compatible with Xibo’s implementation. More, the API key you get with One Call is not compatible with the free or paid API calls.

Until we can make an update, all users will either need to choose one of the “Professional collections” listed below.

Please can someone give that a try and let us know?


This is an update regarding the issue some have been experiencing with the Open Weather API keys not returning data. An issue has been created and a fix will be applied to a future release of the Xibo CMS:

Thank you very much to all users that provided information that helped locate the root cause of the issue.

Many Thanks.

This is an update to confirm the fix for this issue has been applied to CMS 3.2.1, which was just released.

Many Thanks.

great news and effort!
I will test it now.
Many Thanks

confirmed, it works !
How do I fix the translation issues?

I choose French, but only the days look translated. wind unit are wrong too…
I can help with the translation.