Weather Module Customization

Has anyone attempted to customize the weather module? I’d like to customize the background images. I found a way to do it, but it basically only replaces the background images on the players. On the design page, it still shows the old images. I took sort of a shortcut to do it, by pasting my own images over the original ones in the cms and player libraries, but that’s obviously not the right way if the old images are still in the design view. I couldn’t find any files related to the weather module that I might be able to edit. (Maybe I’m not looking in the right directory.) The goal is to edit the underlying module so that none of the users have to override the layout and mess with the markup languages themselves when designing a layout. (They aren’t skilled in that area.) Any suggestions?

My department requested that our data update more frequently that the current Weather Module’s upstream provider provides. As such, I am in the process of writing a custom module that uses Weather Underground’s API.