Weather Map Module

Hello Xibo Community,

I have started development of a weather map module based on the OpenWeather map api.
Currently it supports MapBox for the underlying maps and I have plans to include the ability to use Google Maps instead of MapBox.

Most of the v1 map api is implemented and I’m still working through several features I’m wanting to include.

I wanted to just take a minute and share this with the community and I welcome any feedback you may have regarding the module.

Thank you for your time!


Just a quick note here to say what you’ve got there looks good! I’ll find some time to take a proper look at it and spin up a local copy.

Did you consider using open street map / leafletjs combo as opposed to Mapbox/Gmaps?


I am using leafletjs on the backside so it would be possible to add open street map as an extra mapping option. I may look into that as well, I haven’t had much time to work on the remaining map integrations. Thanks for your input, I greatly appreciate it.

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