Weather doesn't work with Open Weather Free API Keys

I see that the weather widget / weather module does not work with Open Weather’s free API keys in Xibo 3.3.0

Clicking the Get Forecast button does absolutely nothing.

I also see in the logs that the string Xibo is trying to use is:[API_KEY]

I know that if I use:,uk&APPID=KEY in a browser for instance, it works.

Is there a way to modify Xibo code to not use onecall but to revert back to the older 2.5 weather? tag?

Or - has anyone been able to get Open Weather (non subscription) to work?

Or - is there a workaround / better weather widget that we can call via URL that actually works?

I’ve been fighting this for weeks. I’m sure others have too probably. Super frustrating. lol


Hello and welcome to the Community.

Since the release of open weathers One Call 3.0, new users must add a credit card in order to access the free X number of calls or you can opt for a paid subscription.

Any new keys added since the release of One Call 3.0 cannot use One Call 2.5

I understand your frustration… :slight_smile:


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