Wayland breaks Linux player

Player Version

1.8 R6 108


In testing the Linux player on newer versions of Ubuntu and Fedora, I’ve noticed that the new Wayland windowing system that’s used by default causes the player to simply show a black screen. The status is all fine, all layouts are valid etc., just no content at all.

Edit: Wayland was made the default in Ubuntu 21.04, if you’d like to verify this for yourself.

Switching to an X11 session fixes the problem, so it’s not a massive deal. And as Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is good until 2025 this isn’t exactly a pressing issue, but I’m imagining that Xorg could well be dropped altogether from future releases of Ubuntu and other popular distributions, so I thought I’d put this on your radar!

Apologies if this is the wrong place to raise such an issue.

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