VNC Server Android

There Is the possibility to access android devices by VNC over internet?

Yes it is possible, but it requires a 3rd party Android VNC Server - which will almost certainly require root access to the device. There are a selection available on the Play store.
There would also need to be some network configuration between the two.
You can find a bit more information about it here

Well, I forgot to specify that I don’t have access to the modem, and the PC will not be connected to my local Lan.

It would be necessary to connect over the internet, without open ports on modem. It would be something like team viewer or Amy does.

I tried Team Viewer, but for some reason the connection fails.

The Droid Remote works, but I only can access the displays in my local lan. Maybe it would work if I open ports on modem, but this not a option. =/

Another issue about this.

When I access the display via VNC in local lan, the video layouts are black. Dynamic content, like tikers, works.
I have a layout that is the forecast layered with a video. The forecast are show, but the video in the background shows black too.

And with the screenshot request is the same.

Videos are rendered in a separate graphics layer to other content and therefore don’t get picked up by applications that scrape the screen (common for remote management tools and indeed the Xibo Screenshot in Android)

We have users that have success with Team Viewer - however I don’t know the specifics.

I think you need to ask yourself what you want remove management for? Debugging or seeing the content as it is playing (the second of those two is much harder to achieve than the first). The first can be achieved using the screenshot interval in Xibo.

In 1.7 you can also make configuration changes in the CMS and have those pushed automatically to the players.

We use Android boxes (clients) on my school’s LAN. Our campus is quite large and therefore I looked into a solution to reboot the boxes when they crashed, for whatever reason.
I’m sorry to say I never got anything to work reliably as Android doesn’t really allow for this, however I did find AirDroid which allows a lot of interaction between a PC and the boxes but once a box was ‘offline’ for whatever reason it is a case of manually restarting.

Wether it is easy or not to root an android device depends on the android version and the hardware itself. If you are using the hardware recommended by springsignage for the android client, they have a tutorial for rooting that device.

You might wanna try KingoRoot.

Many thanks for this, I was unaware of the tutorial I will try again with KingoRoot

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