Visual Issues (wrong colour and shadows)

Xibo for Windows v4 R401

I have a player that is running a 35 second video. It has been playing this fine for the last few months. However, for the last couple of weeks it will, at seemingly random, have an almost inverted colour and have large screen burn like shadows of parts of the same slide on it. I’ve attached screenshots of what CMS is seeing, along with what it should look like.
If you look in particular to the left, you can see a shadow of a large thumbs up as well as the ‘sav’ from ‘save’ front and centre; however these don’t line up at all, as they are almost side by side, and with a shorter gap.
Screen activity wise, the only thing that moves in this scene is just the little arrow at the bottom, in general, all the slides just have a simple thing moving.

That said, Windows itself is fine with no display issues, and I only have to close Xibo and run it again for it to immediately start working again.

Has anyone encountered this before? I’m happy to just reinstall the player, but ideally if there’s something more obvious I’m missing I’d like to try that first!

Just to update, I been playing the same layout on another player. Worked fine for a few days, but I’ve just gotten back to the office after the weekend and at some point it started to display the same visual issues. Presumably the issue is coming from the video itself, or rather Xibo having an issue with playing the video. For now I’m happy to instruct our teams to avoid using MP4 for now, but if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it!

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