Virtual Machine for testing

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I am very new on xibo , can someone help me please , i would like to know if for testing purposes can i used virtual machine windows server 2012 r2 on vmware , to do my testing ? will it work ? if not whats the best way to do testing on windows server 2012 r2 as i need do a prototype to show my boss how it will work before i go for licence and other stuff , please help .

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Probably yes, you’d need to install environment (probably XAMPP) and then CMS.

Alternatively you could also use Spring Signage demo CMS Instance hosted with us (it’s free 14 days demo) and use it to test Xibo.

i used Hyper-V on my local machine with server 2012 inside it, installed XAMP and it worked fine, when it was approved i simply moved the Hyper-V machine onto our Server 2012 Servers.
Hyper-V is already installed on windows 8 +

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thanks a lot , i will definetly give a go , looks like this will resolve my issue as my production enviroment is already running on hyper v , have u tried IIS tools ? rather then xamp ?

I appreciate I will be fairly light on the details with my suggestion here - but still it might be worth mentioning so that you have all the options.

If you are considering testing the upcoming 1.8 release, then you might consider running Docker on your windows server - see

My First installation of Xibo used IIS.
But my latest installation uses XAMP due to somewhere i read that IIS wasn’t supported or something so i just used xamp.

IIS should work however.

We (the developers) do not test or develop on IIS - so while it should (and does) work, we don’t recommend it for first time users.

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what i am planning to do is install windows server 2012 r2 on the root system then get hyper v installed in hyper v get a windows server machine installed to do all my testing from there once i am successful i will copy my virtual hard to my production environment , any suggestion please ?


If that is the OS/setup you are most comfortable using then I do not see any problems doing it that way. It is not something I have direct experience with though :slight_smile:

You dont really need to install 2012 r2 as the root system on your test machine, 8.1+ will work fine,Hyper-V is all the same

Guys can you help me please

i would search up on the technet forums or google as they will have more information on the web installer errors then the Xibo Forum.
What does the log say? that error is very vague