Videos are not showing in normal speed


I am new to using Xibo. I have made a few layouts now, but I am noticing that, when a display shows a video, it is not showing in normal speed. Why is this?



Are we talking about Windows or Android client?
Do you have the newest versions of the client/CMS?
What size and spec are those videos?

Perhaps you are missing some codecs? Or your PC/android device can’t handle your videos correctly.

Sorry, I forgot to mention it’s a video that has been converted from MOV to WMV (37,9 MB).
The client is installed on a Dell OptiPlex 160 (Windows 7) with 2 GB of RAM and a 1.6 GHz processor.

I am not sure about the CMS, I have to ask.

I see, so not too big videos, presumably not in too high quality.
When you play them in Windows Media Player, are they correctly displayed there?

I’d recommend 1.7.5 Windows client and CMS, that could only help.

As for this machine, it’s not the most powerful machine, but it shouldn’t have problems to display your videos.
Are there any other applications installed on this PC that may interfere with Xibo? (use RAM and cpu)

In WMP the video is displaying in normal speed.

The client version I use is 1.7.14.

Other than Adobe, CutePDF and Java, nothing is installed. Currently uninstalling Office, as it is not needful per se.

I just discovered what the problem is. I was working on a remote connection, so I didn’t have to walk back and forth to the Dell PC, because it stands in another room. When I’m working on the Dell itself, videos are displaying correctly.

I do have another problem with displaying text. I have 1 region with 4 medias in it (video - text - text - image).
Text is not displaying at all, although it’s black on a white background. In the preview there are no problems.

Oh, ok so one problem down.

As for the text problem, are you using any fancy non standard fonts?
Are there any errors on player status window?

Could you go to modules page in CMS and click ‘verify all’ then give the player a moment to download required files again?

Perhaps check if everything is fine regarding permissions to fonts/other modules I think we had similar case on these forums.

I am using Arial.

It’s working now. ‘Verify all’ did the trick, I think. I also checked every box on Permissions just in case.


Cool, I am glad that you were able to solve this issue too! :smiley:

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