Videos are not playing properly

Player R310 for Windows is used.
When I enter the URL of a video file on an external server in the layout and try to play it on the player side, the 30-second video stops at the beginning of about 5 seconds and then loops again from the beginning.
When I enter the URL of the video directly in the browser, the video plays without any problem.
Do I need to make any settings on the player or CMS side?
Also, I have registered the target URL in the white list in the CMS player settings.

Hi yoichi_tanahara, welcome to the community!

When you create the widget in your layout for this URL, what duration does the widget have? It may be that you need to set the duration of the widget to match the length of the video at that URL, which should ensure the video plays from beginning to end.

Many Thanks.


Thanks for the advice.
I used the HTML widget, and although I had set the duration correctly, the behavior was still the same.
This time, I tested using the embedded widget and the behavior went fine.

Thank you very much.

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