Video Transitions - best practices?

Hello everyone !

I am using Xibo 1.7.9 with the Androids MXQs.

I see a very harsh transition (black screen) in between videos in my Timeline.

I have them set a 0 seconds, therefore playing their full lenght, one after the other. There is a considerable gap in between videos, breaking the smooth transition. These are videos with +50mb.

Is there a best practice for smoother transitions ? Any use cases ? Any tests done ? Results ?

Thank you

If your device supports it, you’ll want to be using Texture View based playback.

In the Display Settings profile for your Android device, you should ensure that “Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering?” on the Troubleshooting tab is unticked.

Other than that, the Player will transition between videos as quickly as the hardware allows. On the units in the recommended hardware list, we don’t see any appreciable gap in videos loaded one after another in a region.

You might be able to soften the visual appearance on your devices by adding a fade out transition to the end of each video in the region timeline so that it fades to black rather than snapping to black.

Thanks for the prompt answer.

I am still getting a considerable delay (therefore a black interval). I am using the MXQ device with Mali 450 GPU (similar to one on your recommended list).

I believe this might be a duration issue. I added the videos without declaring a duration. Could that be it ?


Which MXQ device is it exactly please?

Searching with the information you gave gives me too many possible models - some of which are quite old.

With duration set to 0, the Player will detect the end of the video and move to the next at that point. If your videos have a black lead-out at the end then you’ll definitely see that in that scenario.

You can certainly enter the video duration in seconds, in which case, the Player will play as much of the video as it can in that time period, before moving on. There should be no difference in the time it takes to swap videos in either mode though.