Video sound when in Playlist

Player Version v4 R402 for Windows. Xibo docker v4.10.

Just upgraded everything from v3 to v4. Videos were all added to a dynamic playlist based on tags. The playlist was put into a zone in a layout.

Now in v4, none of the sound/audio is playing for the videos. If I remove the playlist and manually add the videos to a zone in the layout, sound comes out just fine (once I ensure the mute is unchecked).

Why in a playlist is sound suddenly not working in v4? I don’t see a mute button anywhere when dealing with a playlist.

Hi @cenders , the video module is set to mute videos by default in v4.

You can change this by navigating to the Modules page of your CMS, then locate and click on the row menu for the Video module, and select Configure.

Once you’ve unchecked the box and clicked on Save, you should find that the videos in the playlist are no longer muted.


Done. I checked a layout preview, didn’t hear audio. I’ll have to test next week if it works in person when I can get in front of a player.

Thank you, this worked.